Meet Martine

On a mission to grow your business

Hello! My name is Martine Mallee. You may know me from the time I worked for ISSA, the largest cleaning association worldwide, where my goal was to generate more members by providing added value (managed to grow the business from 200 to 1500 members). I have an inner drive to help others feel happy and leave them with an experience. Connection, interaction, and impact strengthen your relationship with your customers and will lead to a transformation of your business.

After high school I lived in Boston and Barcelona, of which Boston was really the highlight because of the international contacts. Since then I have always been very interested in different cultures and have worked for international companies. After my study Hospitality & Event Management, I went to live and work in Amsterdam and have now settled in Rotterdam.


Fun and positivity are very important to me. I invest a lot of time in my self-development, so that I can do what I like. I believe that anything is possible and that you can achieve it through focus, creating productivity and setting goals.

Today I am helping others to increase their success rate during trade shows, events and online. I help businesses grow and educate the world on cleaning to make the world a better place to live in. 

Let me take care of your unique marketing concepts

so you can focus on your ideal customer!